Saturday, 17 January 2015

Natural and Nude Lips

Natural and Nude Lip glosses

Here is a selection of nude and natural lip glosses which I have acquired over the last while.  These are handy for putting over a matt lipstick to give a nice shine or wearing them on them own during the day to brighten up an outfit.

Julep: Timeless

Julep: Timeless

This gloss has a lovely consistency and very subtle colour. A good friend from the USA sent this product over to me as a present and I love it! It is fab in the summer time.

Swatch of Julep

LA Colors Lipgloss 

LA Colors
This gloss has quite a sheen to it. It is good for using over lipstick to  highlight the middle of the bottom lip.
Swatches of Julep and LA Colors side by side

Essence XXXL Shine 

Essence XXXL Shine
This gloss is a baby pink colour and perfect for putting over a dark lipstick during the day to make it less intense.

Swatches of  Julep, LA Colors, Essence side by side 

Maxfactor Vibrant Curve Effect

This gloss is almost see through with a light sparkle (as you will see below the swatch is very difficult to see!). It has a lovely melon scent which is fab. I really only use this over a lipstick to add a 3D effect but it is lovely on its own also.
Swatches of Julep, LA Colors, Essence and Maxfactor side by side

Benefit Sugar Bomb 

Benefit sugarbomb
This a darker gloss but it is still a nice natural colour with a high shine.

Swatches of Julep, LA colors, Essence, Maxfactor and Benefit side by side

Do you have any others you would add to this list? If so I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading !

Love Bobby x.

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