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Cleaning Make Up Brushes

Cleaning Make Up Brushes 

Deep Cleansing Technique

Why do we need to clean our make up brushes?

  • So the most obvious reason is that when you use your brushes, especially eye make up brushes, all the different products colour and stain your brush meaning that any residue from previous styles will come through in the look you are recreating today.
  • Secondly germs and bacteria gather in your brushes and cause skin problems such as spots and blackheads
  • Also if your make up brushes are dirty you are putting that grime and bacteria back into your make up palettes causing them to go bad before their time! 
  • Finally clean brushes will last longer.
Dirty brushes getting ready for a bath!

How to clean your make up brushes

There are two different types of cleaning techniques 
  1. Spot cleaning which basically means popping a bit of brush cleaner on a make up cotton pad or tissue and rubbing your brushes gently - this should be done at least once a week
  2. Deep cleansing (which I am going to explain today) which should be done once a month

Deep Cleansing Technique

Before we start there are a few golden rules which need to be followed..
  • Never wash past the bristles of the brush! This will wear down the glue which is holding your brush together.
  • Do no try standing up as the brush cleaner and water will drain into the glue in the brush which again will wear away your brush
  • Let your brushes dry naturally lying down.
  • After a deep cleaning it may take your brushes a few days to dry completely so keep that in mind and only clean the brushes you know you won't need for a few days- I tend to wash my brushes in a rotation so I am never left caught out with no brushes!
  1. Firstly fill a clean small basin with luke warm water, or alternatively use a clean sink.  
  2. Dip the tip of your brush into the water to wet it
  3. Place some washing up liquid or baby shampoo on your palm
  4. Swirl the brush in the shampoo against your palm 
  5. Gently rub out the soapy make up from your brushes and repeat a few times until the water remains clear.
  6. Leave brushes to dry naturally lying down.

Lovely clean brushes relax as they take a few days off to dry!


One tip I would add is that when you feel that all the old make up is removed from the brush do one more shampoo and rinse just to be sure - you would be surprised at just how much make up can be hiding in all those bristles, especially in flat foundation brushes. Many times I think I have a brush all clean and decide to repeat steps 4 and 5 one more time just in case to find that there was more stubborn make up gunk still buried in the brush.

Do you have any tips to add?

Thanks for reading!

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