Friday, 30 January 2015

Keeping Healthy- Alcohol Free January!

Keeping Healthy- Alcohol Free January!

So I am not one for new years resolutions - as a child I used to say I would make my bed everyday ...I still struggle to make my bed twenty years later! But for some reason I got it in to my head that I wanted to give up alcohol for a while.

It was around the 10th of January and I was getting ready to go out for coffee with friends. Trying to decide whether coffee would turn in to drinks and if I should therefore dress a bit more formally I realised ..huh! I haven't had anything to drink so far in 2015! So I decided ok I am going to have a drink free January! 

I would not consider myself a heavy drinker. I would have a glass of wine or two with my boyfriend during the week and then generally go out for drinks on the weekend. 

My reasoning behind setting up this blog was to better myself so I thought I would document this part of my journey towards a better me too!  

Noticing that January is almost over I decided to search the internet to see what the benefits of giving up alcohol were and here are a few I found..

  • As your liver isn't using its energy to break down alcohol it can concentrate on healing any bruises or scrapes you may have! (Fab I am so clumsy that my knees constantly have bruises on them from walking in to things so this will help!)
  • Your complexion will even out- always a plus
  • It helps you to avoid gaining excess tummy fat- again always a plus
  • Better sleep- yippee! 

I didn't find it too challenging to give up alcohol. There were only a few times where I felt a bit left out because I wasn't drinking but I reaped the benefits when I woke up the next morning hangover free and as fresh as a daisy! 

I have noticed my skin has gotten a lot better- I have been using my clarisonic and using Clarins Facial Shaping Lipo Drain Serum so I guess its probably a combination of everything! 

So I think I will continue my drink free January into an alcohol free February! 

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Love Bobby x  

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