Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mavala Slow Growing nails

Nail Care 

My nails have a tendency of growing slowly so I decided to to try a new nail care regime. 

I got a set from Mavala recently as a gift which I have been meaning to try out. 

It has two different nail care products in it. The first is called 'Mavaderma' and this product is a cuticle oil which you massage daily into the cuticle in circular motions. The second is 'Scientifique' and this product is a nail hardener which you apply to the tips of the nails only and apply once or twice a week maximum until the nails are healthy and then every other week after that.

From reading the pack I found out something I never knew before. the growth of nail can depend on if you have cold hands and feet and similarly if you live in colder weather - that explains a lot for us Irish girls !  

Week one

I have just applied both products on my nails. The 'Mavaderma' has a lovely floral scent and the 'Scientifique' has more of a clinical smell. Even after a few hour I have already noticed that the nail hardener has made a big difference on the tips of my nails. The no longer easily bend when I put pressure on them.

Week Two

Unfortunately two of my nails have broken. It is as though the tips of my nails are now so strong that when I put too much pressure on them the rest of the nail cannot support it and it snaps off instead of bending with the impact. This may mean that I no longer need to use the 'Scientifique' as my nails are strong enough.

Week 3 

I have only used the 'Mavaderma'  this week and I have noticed that my nails have stopped breaking and they look nice and healthy!


The 'Scientifique' wasn't really for me but I would definitely buy the 'Mavaderma' again.

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