Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Challenge One : Week One : Body Scrub

Challenge One : Week One :  Body Scrub 

Week One- Soap and Glory Sugar Crush

Soap and Glory

So I have completed my first week of Challenge One. This is a challenge I set myself to try and get my legs looking and feeling smoother and boost my confidence in time for summer! Read more about it here!

I picked up these three different exfoliating scrubs in Boots as they had a 3 for 2 offer on. I had always wanted to try Soap and Glory exfoliating scrubs and so I decided to pick out three different types and compare them. 

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub 

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush

So first up was Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. I used this scrub all week every time I had a shower. 
Its description on the pot reads "with smashed brown sugar& sweet lime, almond &macadamia grains" - which for some reason or another reminds me of Mojitos ..yummmm. 

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush
I took a little in my hand at a time and rubbed it in circular motions on my legs. The micro-beads were quick large and this helped to remove dry skin on my legs. 

I advise stepping out of the stream of water from the shower or even turning the shower off completely when using this exfoliator as otherwise it will all wash away down the drain too quickly. 

The first time I used it I noticed the very citrusy lime smell. I didn't mind it at first but after using it for a week I found that the smell wasn't my favourite but this is just a personal opinion.

Overall, after using this product for the past week I have started to notice a change in my legs, They are much smoother and not as dry. I am looking forward to trying out the next scrub now! 

This week I will be using Flake Away

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Thanks for reading.

Bobby x 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Can un-sporty people become sporty ? Couch potato to full steam ahead.

Can un-sporty people become sporty ?

Couch potato to full steam ahead.

In my previous post here I told you guys for my first ever jogging experience and my desperation to get fit and healthy after years of a sedentary lifestyle. I asked the question- Can un-sporty people become sporty? I am still trying to find the answer to this one. 

I went out for my second ever jog yesterday, one day after my first ever jog and thought that since I got the first one over and done with the second one would be better. I was wrong! I didn't think it would be possible for my fitness to be worse than it was on the first day but it was. 

I am not letting this deter me from jogging. I am going to stick with it for at least a month before deciding whether or not it is for me. The way I see it, as a bookworm all my life, I have a rule when it comes to reading books. Even if I hate the opening page or first chapter I never give up on a book until at least a third of the way in. If it doesn't grab my attention by then I feel I gave it a chance, I will treat jogging the way I have treated new books. I won't give up until I have at least given it a chance! 

I was surfing the web last night reading up on the benefits of jogging and how people go for hour long jogs at a time and I have to say it sounds so appealing to be able to jog for a long length of time. Not only for health reasons but also just to have that time to yourself to think and problem solve or just reflect. I hope I can build myself up to that level but I feel like that's a level which you build yourself up to over years. 

At the moment it is still a couple of minutes brisk walking and then a couple of minutes running for me. My boyfriend offered to come out for a jog with me today but I am hesitant. He is super fit and does team sports and everything. I am embarrassed for him to see me all hot and bothered and out of breath. If anything he should be the person I should be least embarrassed in front of. We will have been together for seven years this March but even still is this the one thing I am not comfortable letting him help me with?  Am I being silly? 

Thanks for reading !

Let me know your thoughts on jogging.

Bobby x 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Can un-sporty people become sporty?

Can un-sporty people become sporty?

A new jogging journey ahead?

Can un-sporty people become sporty? This thought came to me when I was chatting to a friend during the week. I have been talking about taking up jogging for about five years now and yet I never jogged a day in my life ... until today that is!


I have all the athletic clothes, the runners, weights, yoga mats, wii fit etc etc etc but I have never really exercised properly since the days of P.E, in school. 

I would consider myself as far from athletic as the north is from the south pole. The thought of any contact or team sports makes my stomach churn and the idea of rock climbing or even a bicycle ride makes me nervous. However I hear so much good things about exercise and the change it can have on your health and well being. 

I gave up alcohol since the 1st of January as a wrote about in a previous post, This made me feel like I was on a path to a new healthier self so when January came to an end I continued to remain alcohol free but also added in fizzy drinks free too. I have been taking extra care of what I am eating too by only have the occasional treat rather than lots of all the wrong things everyday! This is all great and I feel like I am on to something good -I am finally feeling more energetic after months of feeling dog tired but its just not enough, I want to be athletic and get in on benefits everyone has been raving about! But how does a lazy bookworm with a very sedentary lifestyle go from stationary to full steam ahead? 

Well I am about to find out! I went on my first ever jog today- after five years of talking I am finally doing

I lasted around ten minutes which was split between walking and jogging in intervals and then the skies opened and I was soaked by torrential rain! I am not taking this as an omen for my new jogging journey... 

I was shocked at how unfit I am and I'm not going to lie I was embarrassed for people to see me jog because the concept is so alien to me but as soon as I started to tell myself- no one is looking at you- they have much better things on their mind than a jogger with a big red face and panting frantically- I just got on with it. 

It was tough but so rewarding! For instance - I am definitely going to start referring to myself as a jogger now ! Only problem is will I be able to keep it up?

Any novice joggers out there with some tips or tricks? Or any veteran joggers with some wise words?

Thanks for reading! 

Bobby x 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Challenge One - Body Scrub

Challenge One

Body scrub

 I realised the other day that my skin was in bad shape. I have patches of dry skin on my arms and legs. I decided I would have to do something about this instead of just ignoring it (which I have a tendency to do!).

Over the while my legs have been in an awful state. They get little ingrown hairs from shaving and little bumps- also from shaving and they are just not the smooth lovely legs I want them to be. I am quite self conscious of them and had resigned myself to never wearing dresses without tights again. It sounds silly but a week ago I got a sudden realisation of :

Why in the world have I just decided my legs are destined to be covered for the rest of my life?! Stop worrying over what to do during the summer when bare legged season comes back in to swing and actually do something constrictive about your legs!!

Sometimes the best advice you can get is your own advice! 

So I have set myself a number of challenges to see if I can get my legs in shape for summer. The first challenge is finding a body scrub that it right for me and getting into a routine of using it regularly in the shower to get these little ingrown hairs and unsightly blemishes.   

Soap and Glory Body Scrubs
I have bought three Soap and Glory exfoliating scrubs. I am going to try out each one separately and use it for a week and see which one works best for my skin. I will keep you posted on the results.

First up is Sugar Crush Body Scrub! 

Thanks for reading!

Bobby x   

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Liebster Award #2

I have been nominated for my second Liebster award by the lovely Sofia from http://smileybeautygirl.blogspot.ie/.

Just to remind anyone who has not come across this award before the rules are as follows...

1. Thank & link the person who nominated you
2. Answer the nominators 11 questions
3. Nominate 11 small blogs with fewer than 200 followers who you believe
deserve this award and include their links
4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer and notify those nominees via social media/blogs

Sofia Questions-

How many concerts have you gone to?
One! I went to the Corona's concert with my friend for her birthday years ago!

Showers or baths?
hmmm tough one! I love showers because they are quick and easy but baths will always be a luxury for me because I don't have one at home so I only get to have one when I have staying in a hotel. 

What is the temperature outside right now?
9 degrees Celsius 

Last time you went shopping?
Yesterday :)

Favorite song of the moment?
I'm listening to a lot of classical at the moment so I would have to say Beethoven - Fur Elise.
Guilty pleasure TV show?
Walking Dead 

Do you have any pets
A dog ! Milly :)

Curly or straight hair?

Do you wear makeup everyday?
No - I try and give my face a break when I can. 

Why did you start blogging?
I had been thinking about it for a while and decided that 2015 would be a year when I try new things outside my comfort zone and here I am!

Best makeup tip?
Look after your skin well and treat it kindly. The best make up tip for me is to start with a good healthy base which is moisturized, exfoliated and cared for. 

My Questions

  1. What is your favourite movie?
  2. What was the last song you listened to?
  3. Who has inspired you most in life?
  4. What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
  5. Why did you decide to start a blog?
  6. Name a few of your favourite blogs to read
  7. What are your goals for 2015?
  8. What makes you happy?
  9. What is your favourite beauty product?
  10.  Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
  11. What is your favourite holiday destination?

I nominate ..


Thanks again Sofia! 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Isa Dora Wonder Nail

Isa Dora Wonder Nail 

It's Wonder Ful ! 

Isa Dora Wonder Nail 
So I picked up four different shades of Isa Dora Wonder Nail and  (if you have been following my Twitter you will have already guessed this) I decided to try a different colour everyday for the last four days. I tend to be a bit odd when it comes to Nail Varnishes. When I buy a new one I will match my outfit to the Nail Varnish instead of visa versa. So it was a fun week of mix and match and accessories! 

Firstly just a little bit on the product itself. As always I go for the quick dry nail varnishes because I am a smudge monster. I never let my nails dry long enough before I am off doing something else and so I always smudge a nail and have to redo it. So the quicker the nail varnish dries the better my chances are for minimal causalities. I did smudge two nails during my Isa Dora four nail varnishes experiment but for me one out of 40 nails is fabulous.

The applicator brushes have to be my favourite, especially the 'wide brush' nail varnishes (Gold Sparkles and Pure Purple). I have tiny tiny hands and I thought hmmm this could work against me but the brush was perfect. A few quick sweeps and my nails were done. The brush was wide enough to make the job quicker but still precise enough to ensure I didn't paint half my finger in the process.

Ok on to the four colours!! 

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Poppy Red 183 

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Poppy Red 183
Isa Dora Wonder Nail Poppy Red 183

First up was Poppy red ! I absolutely love this colour and I got so many compliments on it. It is a red with pinky tones. I went out to a birthday party and wore a black outfit with this lovely nail varnish and red earrings and they went down a treat!

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Gold Sparkles 652 

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Gold Sparkles 652
Isa Dora Wonder Nail Gold Sparkles 652

Next was Gold Sparkles which made me feel very sophisticated! I wore these nails out to dinner with a black top,  Jeans and  gold accessories. 

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Pure Purple 632

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Pure Purple 632
Isa Dora Wonder Nail Pure Purple 632

This Pure Purple colour was so much fun! I left my comfort zone of wearing black and mixed it up by wearing green to go with the purple nails and I felt fabulous! 

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Power Pink 192 

Isa Dora Wonder Nail Power Pink 192
Isa Dora Wonder Nail Power Pink 192

This is such a vibrant pink colour! It was so much fun to wear. I had to tone down the accessories though to a very soft pink because I wasn't brave enough to go all out Legally Blonde Elle Woods style !

I had so much fun matching my accessories and outfit to my new nail varnishes! You should give it a try! 

What is your favourite nail varnish? 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Bobby x 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Making Valentine's Day Cards

Making Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day Card Ideas
I was feeling creative today so I decided to making Valentine's Day Cards for friends, family and I better not forget my boyfriend too!

I kept it simple and used bits and bobs I had around the house already. Here is how I did it in case it gives you some inspiration to make your own home made Valentine's Cards!

What you will need

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

  1. Decorative paper- I used paper with little pink hearts on it
  2. Card and envelopes
  3. Glue Stick
  4. A glass
  5. Pens 
  6. Scissors 
  7. Stickers-I used heart stickers 

How to make 

Valentine's Day Card Ideas

I used the glass to trace circles on to the decorative paper. The lip of the glass was larger than the base which let me trace two different sized circles. Then I simply arranged these circles and stuck a few stickers on the smaller of the two and wrote Happy Valentine's Day !

Valentine's Day Card Ideas
Hope this simple idea gave you some inspiration of your own!

Hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day !

Thanks for reading, 

Bobby x

From Sprays to Foams to Dust :Tresemmé Hair Products

From Sprays to Foams to Dust : Tresemmé Hair Products 


Tresemmé Salon Finish Strong Hold Hairspray

The first thing that attracted me to this hairspray was the size of the bottle! It is a mini bottle and is the perfect size to pop in your handbag if you had a special occasion to go to and wanted to bring along back up hairspray just in case, Similarly its a fab size for travelling. I use this hairspray on updos because it is super strong hold! 

Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray

I love this product. I always use a heat defense spray before using any sort of heat on my hair because it is so fine and gets damaged so easily. I have to be careful not to use products which will weigh down my already quite limp hair and I find that the Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray doesn't weigh down my hair even if I use it liberally which is the perfect balance of protection and product for me. This product keeps my hair from going super frizzy for the day and also the second day and therfore I use less heat which is a great bonus for my very fine hair!  

Tresemmé Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo 

I had never heard of anything like this product until my sister bought ti for me as a little random present. I usually would use dry shampoo if I needed to refresh my hair between washes and so I wasn't sure how I felt about using a foam. I have naturally oily roots but quite dry ends. As I find with all Tresemmé products it smells amazing! Personally this product was not the product for me. My hair needs more of a dry shampoo at the roots because it would be quite oily by the second day. the Waterless Foam Shampoo need give my hair a fresh feeling and worked well in the lengths of my hair but I found my roots still looked like second day old hair. I tend to use a combination of this and a dry shampoo and this seems to work well for me! If you had fine and dry hair I would say this product would work a treat for you. 

Tresemmé Texture Style Backcomb Dust

Another lifesaver product for me! The first few times I used this Backcomb Dust I was a little disappointed. I followed the instructions which said to place a small amount of dust between your hands, rub together and massage into roots. I just wasn't achieving the results I wanted with this technique. I decided to pour a small amount directly on my roots on the crown of my head instead and this worked a treat. The effect it creates is a fully backcombed effect without damaging your hair by physically backcombing your hair. It saves on the grueling knots the next morning too!! 

As always thank you for reading!!

What are your fav Tresemmé products? Have you tried any of the products above?

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Love Bobby x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Fabulously Fresh Faced !

Fabulously Fresh Faced 

Brightening Primers and Highlighters

I am all into fresh looking make up at the moment! A big part of that is primer, concealer and highlighter. One look I am trying to avoid is a big shiney face so I find for me less is more as I prefer an understated rather than an over stated style. 

Here are a few products which I have tried out on my quest for light and bright skin! 

Benefit "That Gal" brightening primer

Benefit primer 
I love this primer!! I got a sample of it a while ago (hence the tiny tiney packaging in the photo!) and I have loved it ever since, It is on my wishlist of make up I want to buy but need to save up for! It has quite a make upy scent but not an unpleasant scent. It is pink in appearance and leaves your skin with a nice even skin tone base to build your foundation on.

Avon Magix Illuminating face Perfector 

Avon Magix illuminating face perfector
Ok this product gave me a bit of a shock when I first used it. I better make a confession before continuing... Sex and the City was on TV and I have to admit I was not paying attention to what I was putting on my face but more focused on Carrie's love triangle between the Russian and Big. So somewhere in the middle of this love triangle I was popping this face perfector all over my face like I would any other primer -without looking in the mirror and then straight on to foundation with my eyes glued to the TV. When the adds came on and I finally took a look in the mirror I was very sparkly ... I mean I looked sweaty I was so sparkly/shiney (not oily just very highlighted)! Always the optimist I decided to continue as normal and set my face with powder before panicking. I am very glad I did. This product works great as a highlighting primer. It is very light weight and smoothed out my face to create a nice base for my foundation. It lasted the whole evening without getting oily which was fab. Personally I would not wear it on its own because I is a little too highlighting for me but it may suit the more adventurous! It also has SPF 15! Yippee! 

Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator 

This was a sample I got at an Iglot make up class and I love it but haven't got around to buying it yet. With this highlighter less is definitely more. I would really only use it on my collarbones and a tiny amount on above my cheek bones. It can be quite intense so I wouldn't put it above my lip for fear it would look like I have a sweaty upper lip!  

Sleek Contouring kits

Face Contouring Kit
I love Sleek. My Boyfriend bought me a huge bundle of Sleek products for Christmas this year and these two beauties were included among them. I use these Sleek highlighters frequently-above cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, collar bones and my cupid's bow above my lips. As with most highlighters a little goes a long way so always start off with a tiny amount on your brush- you can always build it up if necessary!
Sleek contouring kit

High Beam

High Beam
High Beam was my first ever highlighter. I think it is great for adding a subtle amount of brightness too your look. I generally use this on my brow bone to open up my eyes a bit more. It is also useful to put on or above the cheek bones. The applicator is a little brush which is great for adding precise amounts of High Beam to certain areas of your face.

As always thank you so much for reading! You are all stars!

Lots of Love 

Bobby x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Biba Nail Polish Trio

Biba Nail Polish Trio

I love this Biba Nail Polish Trio. The colours are luxurious and add flare to any outfit. My favourite colour is the tan shade as I had never had a nail polish this colour before. Each colour compliments the other so you can mix and match colours on accent nails. 

The are quite long lasting and quick drying which is ideal for me since I am a train wreck for smudging nails! 
What do you think?

Thanks for reading !

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Lots of Love 

Bobby x.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Empties

January Empties

I cannot believe it is the 1st of February already! Where has time gone? I thought it would be a good idea to look back on January and see what I products I finished off and what I thought of them! 


Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Sensitive

I really liked this toothpaste. I am quite picky with toothpastes. I like whitening toothpastes that aren't too harsh on the enamel on your teeth so I was happy to see a sensitive whitening toothpaste. It is also made in Ireland so I feel good supporting Irish made products. I will definitely be repurchasing.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - Ivory

This is my favourite foundation and would be one that I would wear day in day out. I have previously written a review of it here. Now that I  have finished the bottle I think I will try use up some of my other foundations before buying a another Match Perfection. To see what I am using at the moment check out my make up bag post. This is a staple in my make up collection so I know it will be only a matter of time before I repurchase again. 

Tresemmé Platinum Strength Leave in Conditioner 

My hair went through an awful period little over a year ago. I had been getting highlights for a year or two and my dark brown hair was at this stage very blonde! I loved it -I have always had a soft spot for blonde hair- but my hair did not love me for all I put it through. It was dry and brittle. I would spend an hour after every wash try to comb through the most horrendous knots. My heart was broken trying to revive my dead hair so I had to cut my hair shorter than I would have liked and return to my natural colour. Part of my regime to get my hair healthy again was this Tresemmé Platinum Strength Leave in Conditioner and it was a life saver. I no longer need to use it after every wash but every now and again when I remember just how bad my hair once was I pop a bit in the ends of my hair just to make sure it never gets to that stage again!  

Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean

Wow, wow, wow. I love this product. I keep it in the shower and use with my clarisonic and my skin literally feels squeaky clean after it. I also use it on my décolletage and my skin feels divine after it. Also a tiny amount goes a very long way. I would love to buy this product again but it is pricey so I will have to go on my wishlist for the moment.

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel  

I love this product particularly because I love the smell of Tea Tree and Witch Hazel and this product smells amazing. My boyfriend doesn't like very fragrant creams and I keep this in mind especially if its a night cream and he would be stuck sleeping next to me but he loved the smell of this cream! I'm pretty sure he even robbed a bit for himself on a few occasions! I used to use this every night when my skin was going through a rough patch but now that it has settled down I would only use it once or twice a week. 

And that ends my January empties! Hope you enjoyed reading this post :)

Lots of love,

Bobby x.