Friday, 2 January 2015

Long Lasting Make up

Long Lasting Make-up

A good base is key!

It is always a good idea to have a good base for make-up and so today I will be discussing Foundation, Concealer and Powder

Formula Daily Care 
I always start my make-up regime in the morning by using a gentle cleanser and then applying moisturizer. I leave the moisturizer for ten minutes to make sure it has fully soaked in. During this time I might start on my hair if I am a bit pushed for time. Alternatively you could use a good night cream the night before if your skin is not prone to dryness. The night cream I use at the moment is working well for me- Formula Daily Care. It is always important to keep your skin hydrated, especially before applying make-up. 
Seventeen Primer

Next I apply primer. See a review for the primer I use here. Primer is a new addition to my make-up bag and I use it on the days I know I need my make up to be long lasting. I find it is best to apply it with a brush a little bit at a time otherwise it tends to dry too quickly and become flakey which is a pain. 

I then move on to my foundation. See a review of my foundation here.. I usually mixed two different foundations together to get the colour I want, especially if I have one expensive foundation which I don't want to use heaps of at a time. I always use a foundation brush to apply the foundation and then a beauty blender sponge on any areas that need some extra blending.
Match Perfection


I then use concealer to conceal any blemishes. I also use a highlighting conceal under my eyes to make them look brighter and more fresh.

If I was going to wear eye shadow that day I would apply it at this stage. It is easier to get rid of fallout from eye shadow with a foundation brush at this stage rather than afterwards when you have set your make up with powder.

Next is contouring and highlighting. I still find this step a little scary so I do tend to only use very light colours when contouring. For me - less is more!

Finally I set my face with translucent powder using a kabuki brush.

I find that the moisturizer and primer help to keep the foundation in place for longer as does the translucent powder. I would always follow these steps if I knew I had a day and night commitment and would not have time to re-apply make up between the two.  

Do you guys have any tips or tricks to add for long lasting make up?

Thanks for reading :)

Love Bobby x. 

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