Wednesday, 21 January 2015

H&M Mini Make Up Shopping Spree !

H&M Mini Make Up Shopping Spree ! 

H&M Lipstick - Darling Pink 

H&M Darling Pink

I love H&M lipstick and have already reviewed Fiji Fling in my Rosy Lips post. 

H&M Darling Pink 

This lipstick is a nice coral pink colour and I am looking forward for spring to arrive so I can start wearing this lovely lively shade ! 

Swatch of H&M Darling Pink

H&M Glitter Eyeliner 

H&M Glitter eyeliner 

Now I have to admit there is very little glitter in this eye liner for a 'glitter eyeliner' but it works to my advantage as I prefer a more subtle shimmer to large amounts of glitter. 

Swatch of glitter eyeliner

Solid Black and Frost Grey Pencil Eyeliner

Solid Black and Frost Grey eyeliner
I always need new eyeliners and so decided to pick up a grey and a black eyeliner to try out. 

Swatches of glitter eyeliner, solid black and frost grey
The pencil eyeliners are nice and soft to use and smudge well which would be the two main things I look for in an eyeliner! 

H&M Nail Polish - Malin's Mirage 

Malin's Mirage 

I decided to pink up a pink nail varnish as I am running low on pink at the moment. I

Malin's Mirage 
 like the applicator brush on this nail varnish and there is also a ball bearing inside the bottle which is great to help prevent the nail varnish separating or drying out.
Malin's Mirage

Cracked Nail Varnish 

Cracked black nail varnish

I bought a similar product a few years ago and loved it so was thrilled to see this in H&M today.

Example of cracked nail varnish

I love the texture this nail varnish creates! 

That ends my mini shopping spree in H&M !

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I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks so much for reading!

Love Bobby x. 


  1. iv nominated you for a liebster award xxx

    1. Thanks so much Michaela! I really appreciate it ! xx