Sunday, 21 December 2014

Gift Giving

Christmas Time

Gift giving this Christmas

I'm taking a break from beauty tips in this post to talk about Christmas gift giving. This year I have gotten my family members multiple little gifts and making sure one of them is more personal. For my dad I have decided to get my creativity in gear and knit him a scarf. 

I love knitting but I have a terrible habit of starting a project and never finishing it. I am also not the best at following patterns and counting stitches. With all this in mind I decided to knit him a scarf. This meant no patterns to follow,  no stitches to count, no problem! 

With two and a bit days left until Christmas I only have a few more rows to do before it is an appropriate scarf  length. Finally I will have completed a knitting project for once! 

I think it is always nice to give something homemade as a gift for Christmas. That person will know that you took the time out of your busy life and dedicated it to making something thoughtful for them. Next year I will start knitting in July and by Christmas 2015 maybe I will hopefully have enough scarves knitted for the whole family ;)

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