Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Nails

Christmas Time Beauty Tips

 Now that our tan has been done, we will move on to the topic of nails

There are many different options to consider when deciding on how you want to do your nails for Christmas. Firstly I would suggest that the style of nail you choose to use for your nails should reflect your work load in the run up to Christmas Day. If you plan to be very hands on with cooking Christmas dinner you may not want to have long false nails and opt instead for a simple polish or shellac manicure which would not hinder your festive activities! 

The style I am going to share with you today is Stiletto stick on nails called 'Don't Touch' by WAHLONDON. I chose these nails because they are cheaper than a manicure but look very classy. Speaking from experience I would not advise that you choose this style of nail if you are planning on baking! These nails are long and take a bit of time to get used to but they are a glamorous addition to any outfit. 

The beige or nude style nail compliments any style but what I like most about these nails are that they are a matte/gloss combo. The nails are mostly matte with a slight gloss on the tips which give them a lovely shine.


As always preparation is key, Make sure that you have completed any tanning regimes before applying these nails as the last thing you want is to stain or discolour your lovely new false nails.  

It is important to look after your nails and I would suggest cleaning, filing, buffing and smoothing your nails before applying any kid of nail polish or fake nails. The best tool to use is a nail buffing block which you can pick up in any local pharmacy/ drugstore.   


These nails have a small adhesive pad which fixes the nails to your natural nails. I have used these adhesive pads and although they work and keep the nails in place for around five days I would recommend using nail glue instead of the stick on pads purely because it is difficult to get they nail to stick tight in against your natural nail especially towards the cuticle. This means that the nail is slightly lifted and there is a small gap between the base of the nail and the false nail. This may be because I have tiny hands and therefore tiny nails so I had to mess around with the pads to try and get the right size for each nail. 

Always lay out the nails before applying. The last thing you want is to be hunting for the right nail size while waiting for nail glue to dry and accidentally bumping a nail out of place. Arrange the nails as they would appear on your hands (baby finger, ring finger, middle, index, thumb) on a clean surface. 

Apply both baby fingers on each hands first and work your way towards the thumbs. It is always a bit tricky when you are only left with the thumbs to finish so if you have a friend or partner willing to help it is always a plus! 

After Care

Once the nails are in place to not get they wet or let them come in contact with oil or any lotions for at least half an hour and then keep contact with water to a minimum. If you need the nails to last for several days you could consider wearing latex gloves in the shower - not very glamorous I know but it prolongs the life of the nails, especially if you decide to use the adhesive pads as opposed to nail glue. 

When you want to remove the nails do not pull off as you may damage your natural nail permanently. Always follow the instructions on the pack or if in doubt soak the false nails in acetone and gently remove as they become loose.  

What ever style you choose to go with this Christmas I hope it turns out fabulous! If you have any tips or tricks for nails or any questions feel free to comment below.

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