Thursday, 5 March 2015

Driving me crazy

Driving me Crazy

First driving lesson eight years late

First driving lesson

Sooo how did I manage to get myself in this situation again? The same way I put off jogging for five years- I also put off learning to drive... but try for the last eight years rather than five..

I am sure you guys are seeing a pattern by now. I am very good at avoiding things that make me nervous. I liked to think of it as self-preservation but I have realised now that I was the ostrich and my hand was firmly stuck in the sand.

This year was my year to stop avoiding and start doing. I am determined to make the most of 2015! So here I am- sweaty, butterflies in my stomach and a dry mouth waiting for the clock to tick by the final 15 minutes before my first ever driving lesson.

I don't know where my fear of driving came from but it hit me hard. Maybe it is all the effective advertisements on TV of the dangers of driving too fast etc but I suddenly lost all confidence in my ability to learn how to drive and drive safely. Did I trust my reactions if something was to suddenly go wrong?

Like jogging I know now that I just have to get out and do it. The more lessons I have the easier it will become. My friends and family have only been telling me this for nearly a decade - why it has only sunk in now I do not know!

Well the time has come - Wish me luck!

So I survived my first lesson. My instructor is such a nice man who chats away so much you hardly realise that you are driving. I guess I feel silly now that I have held on to this worry for so many years. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now!

Is there anything you have been putting off for ages? Will you take the plunge and just go for it?

Bobby  x

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